Senior Preventative Care

Did you know that at or around age 7, your pet is entering his or her senior years?

Some simple preventative measures you can take to ensure your older dog or cat enjoys a lifetime of good health include comprehensive bloodwork which can detect any abnormalities, in effect catching many health problems before your pet even exhibits symptoms. Early intervention is key to effectively managing many illnesses.

We also encourage bi-annual senior wellness exams. Remember 6 months in dog or cat years is equivalent to 3 in human years! Would you go 3 years without seeing your doctor? Remember to regularly inspect your dog or cat for any new lumps and bumps in addition to external parasites (fleas and ticks). Regular brushing and combing is a good way of detecting any of these. Let us know about any changes in behavior, bathroom habits, appetite, thirst, weight, mobility, sleeping patterns, energy level or anything else you may notice.

Species, breed and sex are factors in your pet's suceptibility to certain medical conditions. For example, Boxers are prone to heart conditions and intact male cats are at higher risk for urinary blockages. There are a variety of products you can incorporate into your pets regimine, such as supplements, dental products and a premium quality test-fed diet that can improve your pet's quality of life and help to prevent and combat disease. At your senior pet's next bi-annual exam, ask us which products may benefit him or her.