To all the professionals at Meadow Pond Animal Hospital,

We lost Evie the 2nd of September. I'm hoping the passing of time will make my accepting her loss less painful.

Evie was my constant companion and the best friend for thirteen years. I am thankful for the time we had together. Physically she is gone, her spirit will be with me always.

Accept my gratitude for the professional health care you gave Evie thorughout her life. Thank you for your compassion at the end of Evie's life.

Gordon M.

Dr. North and the Meadow Pond team,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of our "puppies." Ivy and Wrigley mean the world to us and we feel so lucky that we have found such an amazing team of care givers to work with. The time, expertise and love you have shown our family is amazing. We feel that working with you will ensure a long, happy life for them. We look forward to a long relationship with you.

Ali & Jim W.

Meadow Pond Animal Hospital,

Thank you for all the care and treatment to help Duke recover. We really appreciate all you have done. Thanks again.

Darlene & Duke G.

Dear Drs. North and Keenan,

I want you to know that after 5 years of being in Chicago, I have yet to find vets with the passion and devotion to animals like both of you! You are wonderful. You helped me get through the passing of my three dogs. The little one I last adopted, Betty, is going strong. Thank you for being so kind! I think of you both often. Hope you are well!

Eve L.

Dear Dr. North, Jeremy and everyone at Meadow Pond Animal Hospital,

Thank you for taking such good care of the love of our lives, sweetie pie Karma. We appreciate everything from the artful eyelid stitches and diagnosis to the gentle hugs to hold her in place on the table. Thank you for being there.

Joe & Vicki B.


Thank you for being there by cell phone when we were faced with the tough decisions. Having a familiar and trusted friend to consult helped us tremendously. We remain grateful.

Meadow Pond Family,

Thank you so much for your care, counsel and compassion during Thomas' last days. He was a beautiful cat in every sense of the word and we loved every year spent with him. He remains in our hearts.

Linda and Carl J.

To the loving staff of Meadow Pond,

I wanted to take a moment and express my many thanks for all your kindness that all of you offered on that sad day when Teddi, my 14 year old Lab, had to be put down.

Teddi and I had such a special relationship as she was my constant companian whether hunting together, enjoying a summer swim together or as my "co-pilot" on many of our flying missions. Sadly, time passes all too quickly in the lives of all animals and the end is the hardest to face.

I have dealt with many vets over the years and your staff and Drs are by far the most compassionate and loving I have ever met. I am so happy that when Teddi met her end, she was in the caring arms of all the people that make Meadow Pond such a special place for both 2 and 4 legged friends.

Your great care and follow up for my Brit, Charlie was yet another great example of the level of service and affection you offer everyone that passes through your doors. On that occasion I was a stranger, a first time customer caught 200 miles away from my usual vet. You took Charlie in that morning, operated on her the same day and gave me constant updates and assurances. That experience assured me that Teddi's last minutes on this earth would be at no other location than Meadow Pond.

Thanks for helping me with my tears and sharing yours with mine.

Fondest Regards,
Jeff M.

A HUGE thank you to Meadow Pond Animal Hospital for their understanding and commitment to the people and animals they work with. I have never encountered such a compassionate and hard working group of people. Thank you again for all of the things you do and being more like extended family than a business.

-Love C&S, Chubbs, and Daisy

To everyone at Meadow Pond,

We thought you'd like to see how Tucker is progressing now that she is about 6-7 weeks post-op. Her walks are a bit longer now and she loves retrieving the tennis ball in the pool again and again.

Our thanks to all of you,

Jane and Paul V.

Dear Staff,

We need to thank each and every one of you for making the passing of our beloved Collie Camille more bearable. Thank you for your compassion, patience and kindness as we helped our dog pass to the other side. We are grateful for having such a great hospital close by and who truly care and love animals. again thanks for your support and shared philosophy of the importance of all cycles- life and death.

Take care, Hugs from Cheryl & Greg W.

Dear Dr. Keenan and Melinda,

I am so grateful that I was "guided" to visit your office last Thursday. I have been trying diligently to "breathe life" into our precious cat (of 15 years) with little to no luck. With the loving help of my daughter and husband I reached the merciful decision to let Maggie go. And there you were!

Having been to Dr. Abbott many years ago, I found myself out of state facing a dilemma. But upon walking through your doors, we were met by Melinda's empathy and willingness to drop what she was doing to help us!

Then we met you, Dr. Keenan... a woman of the utmost professional demeanor who also came to us immediately. (Please remember we were virtual "walk ins.") Your examination of Maggie confirmed that she was thin and probably in kidney failure. You gave us the clear conscience to go forward with our plan to euthanize her- a decision no pet owner reaches without much anguish. Maggie was placed in your arms, and I could see immediately by her comfort and sense of trust in you that I had made the right decision.

Maggie was our 15th cat, was 15 years old, and "crossed over" on August 15th. Don't know what significance this has :) just wanted to share. You folks have our utmost respect and gratitude for coming to our rescue at a difficult time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Linda and Hank R.

Many thanks to all at Meadow Pond. We have been, and are so happy with the care you have given to our pets. You have always been kind, gentle and compassionate. Our best to you all.

Our last visit was a sad one. Lucky was a great cat and will be missed. But, who knows, we may be bringing in a new member of the family one of these days.

Shirley and Bob D.